My first trip to the track

VerrazanoHaskellStall2 VerrazanoHaskell

 Verrazano Before and after winning the Haskell

My first trip to the racetrack was in 1957. I went to Hialeah with my Uncle Al. I really didn’t know what was going on but i liked the horses. I also always wondered why my Uncle Al got up five or six times between races, left me in the box at the clubhouse, and came back shortly after.

I  learned what Al was really doing when I started to go to the track with my father and brother. My father also went to the track for the first time with Uncle Al.  Al paid dad a dollar to place bets. After the first bet he thought this was the easiest job in the world. He bet (Race 1, $2, Win #1). My father brought the ticket back and Al attacked the program and the racing form again. In five minutes Al sent my father back to the window to bet (Race 1, $2, Win #3) – by post time Al had bet on  horses 1,3,4,5,7,and 9 to win. The #5 horse won and my father went to the window to collect $6.60. They stayed for the full card. Back at home Al’s wife, Minnie, asked “How did you do it the track today?”, and Al replied, “We had five winners!!!”

The purpose of this blog is to tell track stories – ramble on. The  one thing that all all horse players have is “Opinions”.  Over time we will talk about races, jockeys, rides, trainers, cheaters, drugs, injuries to both horse and rider, surfaces-synthetic dirt, turf  and anything else that comes to mind. First and foremost this blog is about the people at the track.